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Protective filters are the best possible protection for your domestic water installation.

Particle filters installed at the domestic water inlet are essential for optimum water quality because particles from various sources can enter the drinking water during the often-lengthy journey from water company to user.

Drinking water is a healthy habit because water contains precious vital minerals and trace elements.

But what may be healthy for our bodies can cause extensive damage to our home installations and connected appliances because, when drinking water is heated, these minerals are released in the form of limescale deposits in pipes or heat exchangers.

Aggressive water with a negative pH value, however, leads to corrosion and pitting in metal pipes and eventually to burst pipes. In addition to the expensive consequences, limescale deposits and corrosion also affect hygiene quality, as the fissures in the pipes make ideal breeding grounds for bacteria such as Legionella.

Sand and other substances can enter the water system during repairs or when new connections are installed. Fluctuations in pressure and vibration can also loosen particles of rust and dirt that have lain undisturbed in the local pipework for decades, resulting in aerators, shower heads and valves in household appliances becoming blocked.

Our protective filters are the ‘front gate’ to your domestic drinking water installation, providing protection against burst pipes, pitting from corrosion, the ingress of foreign particles and dripping taps.

Reverse Osmosis

Pure, purer, ultrapure water

This process dates to the ancient Egyptians who, unbeknown to them, used osmosis when placing logs in fissures and holes in the rock to break open larger blocks of stone; water was poured on to the logs and the swelling wood eventually split the rock open. This principle of ‘osmosis’, which nature uses in many ways, is applied in technical processes as ‘reverse osmosis’.

Reverse osmosis is a membrane or separation method in which a solvent (water containing various substances) is forced through a synthetic membrane under pressure. The water molecules can pass through the membrane, but the various substances in the water (minerals, particles, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, etc.) cannot.

This process can therefore be used to produce ‘pure water’ for a range of industrial applications, for drinks, canned food, and baby food, etc.

Where the water to be used must be free from pathogens and contaminants. Strict hygiene regulations also apply to the purity of water used for industrial bottle cleaning or in dishwashers in the hospitality sector. Pure and ultrapure water is also a basic raw material and indispensable resource for medical and laboratory technology and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Our reverse osmosis equipment provides low salt water, free of impurities and contaminants, improving its quality and taste.

Food and infusions retain their original flavor after cooking. Your family, plants and pets will appreciate the beneficial effects of purer water.

It is a healthy option to forget about bottled water and be more environmentally friendly. Compact design, small size, easy installation under the scrub and easy handling.


  • 5-stage Reverse Osmosis equipment.
  • Filtration. Removes sediments and suspended particles.
  • GAC dechlorination. Filtering and removal of chlorine.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane. Retains salts, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Active coal in-line. Water treatment before consumption.
  • 8 liter accumulator tank.

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