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Water heaters deliver heated water immediately from the point of use and are also energy efficient as they have no standby energy losses. The compact design helps to optimise space in any room size as it eliminates the need for centrally stored hot water cylinders which also saves on electricity usage. The instantaneous water heater offers an innovative solution in properties with minimal hot water requirements or remote areas of the home, such as the garage. All that is required to install a water heater is access to the mains water and electricity outlets.

Water heaters offer an innovative solution in properties with minimal hot water requirements or remote areas of the home such as the garage. With a choice of power ratings and the ability to heat up to two outlets, the instantaneous electric water heater can meet virtually every possible need.

Hot water – quickly!

The single point hot water heater can be fuelled by gas or electricity and heat the water only when it is required. These are usually fitted with a swivel spout and located directly above a sink or wash basin.

The gas fired heater heats up the water twice as fast as the electric heater and costs less to run.

With the electric hot water heater the temperature of the hot water is directly related to the kilowatt (kW) rating of that appliance and the water flow rate.

Unlike storage water heaters, units are highly energy efficient. If your home utilizes around 41 gallons on a regular basis, then the instant units can save up to 24% – 34% on the energy costs. … One of the major benefits of an instant water heater is that you will not have to wait for the water to get heated.

Safety and reliability are paramount in such fixtures which is why they are fitted with a safety cut-out point to prevent overheating, so they are ideal for commercial or domestic settings.


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