Get your home ready to sell or rent and identify ways to save money on your energy bills with an EPC from Sototechnic´s independent energy experts.

The goal of an EPC

As a householder, having an energy performance survey of your home could help you identify ways to save money on your energy bills.

All buildings which are to be built, let, or sold now require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The certificate will indicate the energy efficiency of a home on a scale of A to G, giving potential tenants and purchasers important information with which to make an informed decision about buying or renting a property. Once produced, EPCs are valid for ten years

We are proud Government Accredited Energy Assessors. We will prepare energy performance certificates and recommendation reports.

The EPBD is given effect in local legislation via the Building (Energy Performance) Regulations 2010 and the Building Rules (Amended) 2009. The competent authority for Energy Performance legislation is the Department of the Environment.

Approved Methodology

The Directive requires the creation of a methodology for the calculation of the energy performance of buildings. The Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) was developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for the UK Department for Communities and Local Government as the default calculation for non-domestic buildings in the UK.  BRE have modified and further developed this software to create a Gibraltar-specific version, (SBEM-GI). This methodology has been approved by the Government of Gibraltar and is the official methodology used to calculate the energy performance of dwellings and non-domestic buildings, as well as to carry out building regulations compliance checks.

Minimum Energy Performance Standards

The Government of Gibraltar has approved minimum energy performance standards for new and existing buildings as required under section F2 of the Building Rules. These equate to a CO2 emissions rating of 50 or less on the CO2 emissions scale, as calculated using the SBEM-GI software. All new buildings must meet these standards.

How do we create the certificate?

Our visit to your property is all about gathering information. We look at what type of property you have, its construction and age, any extensions, wall thickness, lights, radiators, windows, doors, loft/roof type and heating systems.

We do not need to review any of your gas, electric, oil or other utility bills and neither do we test any of your appliances. Our visit is brief and methodical.

Photographs are taken as it is a visual and evidence-based survey. ​

The data gathered during our visit is then entered into a Government Approved Accreditation software programme which automatically generates a EPC Certificate and report. This will identify the property’s energy rating and carbon emissions and the energy saving recommendations applicable to that specific property.

The EPC then must be registered via the National “Landmark” database whereupon it is then valid for 10 years.

To ensure the highest quality assurance, a percentage of the surveys that we carry out are audited by our accreditation body to ensure accuracy of information gathered.



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