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Ozone is a powerful, natural and ‘chemical free alternative’ sanitising solution.

At Sototechnic we have assumed that we all shall need to return to a healthier and safer environment that guarantees as much as possible our safety and purging of viral agents and bacteria.

For this reason, we have incorporated ozone goenerators in our catalogue of products and services, a complete and ecological solution to answer problems that usually were solved using polluting, inefficient and patch elements.

Ozone is a great disinfectant and oxidizer that removes any pathogen or impurity through an oxidation process.

Thanks to its high oxidizing power it can attack and destroy all kinds of microorganisms such as: Bacteria – Virus – Spores. With an exceptional advantage over any other oxidizer: the treated medium is not loaded with new unwanted chemical products due to its dissolution back to pure oxygen after a time.

For example, our brand new GX500 ozone generator disinfects surfaces up to 100 m2, easy to install, ensuring a clean, odor- and microorganism-free environment.

Top Range Generator programable for environments that require disinfection and total deodorization.

It works from regular air, once the ozone performs its work air becomes oxygen without any chemical residue. It has 8 programs from least to most intense, for treatments with people (TWP) and, 2 more programs for shock treatments without people (TNP). Includes a Bluetooth mode to control from any android device, to choose between 4 permanent treatments in the day with people and 2 treatments without people for different daily times and throughout the week according to your need.


  • Ozone is more effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria.
  • Cost Effective, requires no consumables or chemicals with the only operational requirements being water and electricity, with incredibly low running costs.
  • Fast Acting, our systems utilise ozone-based technology to instantly neutralise offensive odours. Unlike charcoal based systems, the system does not work by providing a physical barrier and therefore does not get clogged up or less effective over time. The ozonation process utilizes a short contact time (approximately 10 to 30 minutes).
  • Ecologically Benign, Ozonated water is chemical free so reduces effluent charges and is safe to the environment. Water can be recycled and reused, keeping water costs and effluent charges incredibly low.


  • Disinfect Surfaces. Ozone water can be used to wash down food contact surfaces and equipment and by applying the highly potent biocide instantly kills microorganisms. Ozonated water is the fastest most effective biocidal kill and highly effective against all common microorganisms found, for example, in the Food Factory environment (Listeria, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Salmonella, Coliforms, Yeastand Moulds).
  • Water purification applications include drinking water, bottled water, swimming pools, industrial waste waters cooling towers, groundwater remediation and wastewater re-use.
  • Odour Control. By injecting ozone into the odorous air stream within the chimney or ducting, advanced oxidation processes (AOP) remove industrial odours without the need for harmful chemicals or expensive charcoal-based filters. Ozone odour abatement systems have been developed as regulations from Environmental Health Agencies on odour control tightens, leaving many manufacturers seeking a cost-effective solution.

¿How Can ozone eliminate odours and disinfect?

Bad odours are generally organic compounds suspended in the air. Ozone is a gas that upon contact with these compounds oxidizes them and transforms them into degraded products that lose their odour.

In other words, ozone destroys odours, directly by attacking the source of the problem.

By this principle of oxidation, ozone is recognized as a powerful gaseous disinfectant that quickly and efficiently destroys viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold.

¿How is the flow of ozone controlled?

Ozone generators destined for environmental treatments with people must have a production control installed to prevent ozone from accumulating in the environment.

The GX500 GENERATOR, has a production control based on a cyclical timer, or in other words, it emits a dose of ozone from time to time. It has several programs with different intensities, so you can always select the treatment according to your needs.

A powerful tool with many advantages…

Ozone gas is generated in situ and applied instantly, not stored or altered.

It is applied completely automatically without the need of chemicals. After performing its function, it decomposes into oxygen again, it does not accumulate and has a low residual effect.


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